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Home Business

Meet Alex! Alex runs a clothing business from her home but does not realize that her homeowner's insurance does not protect her business income, business property, or any liability exposures. This leaves Alex vulnerable to unexpected losses.

Many carriers offer an inexpensive endorsement that can be added to the homeowner's policy so that your home business can have the proper coverage.

Endorsements will typically cover your business personal property in your home up to roughly $25,000. Think of your merchandise, the tools you use to make your products, computers and technology used to aid your business, home office furniture, and more.

Further, the endorsements typically provide your business with the same liability limit as your home insurance policy has. Your liability coverage would extend to customers who come to your home and are injured on your property and customers who are harmed inadvertently by your products or services.

If you have a business you operate out of your home consider this endorsement. It is not only affordable but essential to protect your financial well-being.

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