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Life Insurance

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We work with over 40 carriers to offer you the most competitive Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Annuities policies.

Life Insurance and Annuities

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More about Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?


More people protect their "things" with insurance than they do their loved ones with life insurance. If you stumbled on this page today you understand that your loved ones are counting on you and that they would be without more than just you if you passed away. Life insurance is the last gift we can give to the ones we love and rely on us. It eases the financial burden our loved ones face in the event they no longer have us and our income.

Life insurance is also for the living.

  • The cash value gained in a policy is used to supplement retirement.

  • Some policies have a return of premium associated with them. This means if you outlive the term of the policy premiums are returned to you.

  • There are disability waivers allowing you to continue the policy even if you can no longer pay for it. 

  • Policies can be accessed to cover long term care.

  • Policies can also be accessed for accelerated death benefits. 

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to life insurance. Something is better than nothing. Whether it be term insurance, whole life insurance, final expense policies or universal life insurance, we have carriers ready to work with you.

Contact us to learn more about the best policy for you and your loved ones.

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