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In this fast-paced auto-mated world many wonder, why do I need an Agent when it appears I can do it myself? When everything is going great, you are on auto pay, and your insurance is seamlessly transacting itself, life is good. What happens though when there is a billing issue, you want to make changes, or heaven forbid you have a claim? Do you want to call an 800 number, go online and try to figure out how to request the change, or do you want to call your Agent? Speaking to your Agent likely takes only a few moments and now someone else is finding solutions to your needs. Going online may seem simple, but when there is an actual issue, I bet you spend more time solving the problem then you would having your Agent it handle it for you.

Top 5 Reasons to have an Independent Agent:

1) You have an advocate. As stated above when something goes awry it is amazing to have someone who has your back. Your Agent is your team member ready to work for you. We handle the little and the big stuff so you don’t have to.

2) We can advise you on coverages. Do you know the difference between broad, standard, and limited collision? Do you know what your liability limits protect you against? We do and so much more. We want to protect your assets and your financial well-being. Let us help!

3) Who doesn’t love discounts? We know about all of them and ways to help you save. We even know who is offering the best discounts between companies.

4) Claims, claims, claims! Agents speak the language and we are here to make certain you are made whole again. Ever been caught in a discrepancy between the shop and the insurance carrier? Have you ever had to provide additional documentation? We know what is being asked of you. We know how to communicate with the repair shop and the claims adjustor. Agents are here to lessen your pain. We want a seamless claim process for everyone every time.

5) We can find the best rates. Independent Agents (Brokers) like Corsi Insurance Agency, have the ability to compare multiple carriers and coverages. We know the trends of the Industry and can be pro-active in keeping premiums low. We work harder for you than the other guy with only one option. Rest assured you are locked into the best rates and coverages for your needs.

Still have questions, give us a call!

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